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The Central Jersey Robotics Group had come back, and just in time to apprise its followers of all the advancements that had been made in the study of robotics over the last several years.

While robotics used to deal in very basic functions, the early 21st Century has seen large strides forward. In 2009, TOPIO (a humanoid robot) stunned audiences at the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition with his amazing ping pong skills. Recent medical advancements have enabled amputees to squeeze more humanlike qualities out of their prosthetics, with intricate finger and toe movements being added to computer-controlled robotic replacement limbs. Artificial intelligence has grown in virtually every technological sector to make computers more advanced in adaptable intellect and challenging in video game play.

With the growing advancements, the time was right for Central Jersey Robotics Group to announce its return to the northeast for enthusiasts from every corner of the discipline. People used to browse the site to learn about the latest developments and stay on top of all future news and information available at that time.

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